Accredited Veteran’s Administration Claims Agent

Accreditation is the authority granted by the Department of Veterans Affairs to an individual who represents veterans with claims for benefits and for any issues associated with those issues. Accreditation is essentially a federal license for assisting veterans with their benefits. No individual can assist veterans on a regular basis without being authorized by the Veterans Administration to provide this assistance. (Title 38 USC 5901 and Title 38 USC 5902) It is a misconception that accreditation is only required for assistance with paperwork, when actually accreditation is required when giving advice to a veteran about his or her application for benefits. The VA allows an individual to assist a veteran with an application only one time during his lifetime. Beware of non-accredited agents trying to represent you; they are in violation of federal law. Be sure the Claims Agent you choose to represent you can be found on the Department of Veterans Affairs Accreditation list. As well as being having an Accredited VA Claims Agent, we utilize an Accredited Agents Compliance Program for Home Care Agencies and Assisted Living Facilities. This program educates the facilities that it is against federal law to work with a non-accredited claims agent.