DanCare Resource Planning“Helping families plan ahead!”


Care Resource Planning is a senior care financial planning firm specializing in helping people plan for, as well as protect their assets from unnecessary spend down when a long term care issue is facing a family, and retirement assets need to be spent. We help by providing assistance with applications for government benefits for long term care issues such as Veterans Administration Aide and Attendance which can provide up to $2,120 per month to a Veteran and spouse, as well as up to $1,149 per month to a widowed spouse of a Veteran. If a skilled nursing event is needed, we help plan for Medicaid, helping families to avoid “asset spend down” as well as helping protect their home and other assets from Medicaid recapture and liens.

Our Services Include:

  • Veterans Benefits
  • Accredited Veterans Administration Claims Agent
  • Medicaid Planning and Spend Down Protection Planning
  • Long Term Care Planning “So you can stay at home.”
  • Estate Planning
  • Asset Protection from Medicaid Spend Down
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Investment Advisory

We use a “team approach” to the planning process, working with other professionals such as Elder Law Attorneys, CPA’s, and Homecare and Placement Specialists.We will provide you with personalized advice and solutions for your financial, legal, and care support needs through analyzing income, insurance, assets, veteran’s benefits, and much more.